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Activity based on Conversation

Activity based on Prepositions

Activity done by lkg class

Role of plants and animals

calligraphy practice

plants parts

Types of beaks

types of food

food for us

candle making activity

junk food or fast food activity

activity by lkg class

Sprout making activity

Dance on Rakhi festival activity.

Rakhi Activity in CPS.

Dance on Raksha Bandhan Celebration activity.

Traffic Light Rules Practically

Play on Chandragupt Morya

Traffic Light Signals rules

Raksha Bandhan Celebration in CPS.

Clock activity.

Raksha Bandhan celebration Activity

Rakhi celebration Activity.

Activity based on Traffic light signals rules.

Activity based on Articles.

Activity based on Nouns.

Activity how to pour water in front of guests.

Things identification by LKG kids in rainy season

favorite fruit activity in LKG class

Learning Opposite words practically.

Practically explanation of body parts of human.

Body parts Identification Activity

Addition and Subraction Activity