Our School Hostel

  1. Hostelers should follow the daily routine of the hostel and school as per hostel rules and schedule given in the hostel rules and the time table of the school respectively.
  2. No hostelers will be allowed to stay back in their rooms or in the hostel premises during the schedule provided to them or hostel routine and the school time table.
  3. No hosteler is allowed to keep more than Rs. 200/- in cash in the possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while staying in hostel.
  4. No hosteler is allowed to keep any type of medicine in his possession without it being prescribed by the Medical Officer of the school.
  5. No hosteler is allowed to keep in his room any articles like Transistor, Record Player and Tape Recorder, Guitar or any such thing which may disturb the other hosteler.
  6. No hosteler is allowed to keep any electrical gadgets like Electric Kettle, Heater, Iron etc. in his possession.
  7. Attendance /Night roll call will be taken by the respective wardens at 10:30 P.M. in summer and at 10:00 P.M. in winter.
  8. The reports of the hostelers of their school examination will be sent to their parents through the hostel warden at their respective address provided at the time of admission in the hostel.
  9. All the hostelers have to inform their respective wardens regarding any change in their parental / native address if any.
  10. All the hostelers should write a letter to their parents every week it should be handed over to the warden for postage.
  11. No hostelers are allowed to invite day scholar colleagues to the hostel premises for their personal interaction or any other reasons.
  12. All the hostelers when sick will report to the clinic of the school through the hostel warden immediately and are not supposed to take medicine or their own or on advice of their co-hostelers.
  13. No hosteler is allowed to keep any kind of POLY BAGS.
  14. All the hostelers should deposit their fees to the Account Department as per stipulated schedule given to them.
  15. No hostelers will be given admission for the next year if he fails in the final examination of his class.
  16. No hostel facility will be provided to the hosteler if he secure compartment in any subject until he clears his compartment in the subject.
  17. No hostelers will be provided any leave or break during the schedule period of the school mentioned in the hostel rules under the leaves rules.
  18. All the hostelers should make their telephone calls as per the telephone schedule.
  19. No visitors will be allowed to meet the hosteler other than during the visiting hours provided in the visiting schedule.
  20. No hosteler will be remain allowed to attend the school or in hostel during his illness if he has been treated outside the school premises until the medical fitness certificate and the treatment schedule has been submitted by him to the warden duly countersigned by the school medical officer.
  21. No hostelers are allowed to keep any kind of eatables in their rooms or in their cupboards. No hostelers to bring any food (lunch, dinner) from outside the school premises.
  22. All hostelers have to follow stick rules of their respective rooms as per given in the schedule of rooms.
  23. No hosteler will organize any kind of meeting in the hostel premises to until the students for any kind of violate thoughts.
  24. No hosteler will indulge himself alone or along with other hostelers in any kind of violative activity during the hostel hours or in the school.
  25. No hostelers will even co-operate with the other hostelers/ students in any kind of violative activates.
  26. No hostelers will do any kind of act which will disturb the school atmosphere and the school society as a whole.
  27. No hostelers should ever instigate the other students into any sort of indiscipline or any sort of act which will hamper the other students physically and mentally.
  28. No hostelers should disobey or to lend any amount of money from co-hostelers.
  29. No hostelers will take or snatch any money from co-hostelers or from the day boarder by force or by threatening them.
  30. All hostelers should respect each other’s belongings.
  31. No hostelers will spoil any article of the school hostel which is provided to them for their daily use or the appliances things afford in the hostel
  32. All the hostelers are responsible for their belongings any negligence on their part will be their sole responsibility.
  33. Any loss of their valuable articles will be their personal loss as they are not allowed to keep any valuable articles in their possession during their stay in hostel.
  34. No hosteler is allowed to keep playing cards in his possession or gamble which will be strictly punished by school authorities.
  35. No hosteler should have a habit of smoke or consuming alcohol, gutkha or any kind of pan masala chewing of tobacco.
  36. No hostelers will behave in a different manner keeping in his mind difference of caste / race or religion.
  37. All the hostelers should respect the religion of the co-hostellers.
  38. No hostelers should buy any order or any notice of the school authorities given to them from time to time.
  39. All the hosteler should maintain the plants and trees which are in the hostel premises.
  40. No hostelers should possess any king of sharp articles like knives kirpan sword etc.
  41. No hostelers should visit any kind of kiosks situated around the school.
  42. No hostelers are allowed to keep their hair long.]
  43. No hostelers are allowed to keep any kind of magazine book in their possession except.
  44. Provided /allowed by their respective warden.
  45. No hostelers should disregard his seniors and never be aggressive to his juniors.
  46. No hosteler should use abusive language while talking to their colleagues.
  47. No hosteler is allowed to keep cellular phone in his possession.
  48. All the hostelers should maintain dress code provided to them in the dress code schedule.
  49. All the hostelers should follow the time schedule provided to them in the hostel rules.
  50. All the hosteler should carry articles while taking the admission in the hostel which are given in the hostel rules REQUIREMENT OF HOSTEL UNIFORM.
  51. No hosteler is allowed to celebrate birthdays or any other personal occasion.
  52. No hosteler is allowed to make telephone calls except other than the telephone schedule provided to them.
  53. No hostelers will leave the school premises without prior permission from warden in writing and the same may be given at gate before leaving.
  54. All the hostelers are bound by the school rules given in the school almanac.
  55. All the hostelers will be provided with certain facilities given in the hostel rules in the facility section.
  1. All the hostelers are provided with a book shop and tailor shop for their daily needs which will be open during the timings fixed for the same.
  2. The noticeboard is provided in the hostel premises to apprise the hostelers for any notice forwarded to them.
  3. Dhobi will visiting the hostelers weekly and is allowed to collect a maximum of 20 clothes per week from the hostelers.
  4. The Barber will visit the hostelers once a week as fixed by the school authorities.
  5. The students will be provided with telephone facility as per telephone schedule given in the rules.
  6. All the hostelers will be taken to the Medical Officer for check up treatment and follow up action once in a month with their responsibility of the hostelers.
  7. All the hostelers will be provided a bad a cupboard a table and a chair and the maintenance of the same will be personal responsibility with T.V. f or recreation.


Room Schedule
  1. A floor committee of the boarders floor captain vice captain from each floor will be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and discipline on each floor. The floor committee will ensure that fans and lights have been switched off.
  2. Boarders are provided with a bed a cupboard a table and a chair. Each boarder must maintain most cleanliness to make sure that the floor under his bed and cupboard is clean waste paper and refuse must be thrown in the dustbins provided on each floor and not litter on the floor.
  3. Boarders will make their own beds neatly every morning nothing should be left on the bed or under the bed.
  4. Cup boards must be arranged neatly surprise check will be made by hostel wardens any extra items other than those specified in the hostel kit will be confiscated. Shoes should be arranged neatly in the last shelf of the cupboards. The number of shoes is limited to two pairs. Boarders will dust their room a cupboard tops daily.
  5. Keeping eatables on the rooms is unhygienic and is prohibited. The floor committee must make sure that any boarder who litters the room or spills any thing deans up the mess himself.
  6. Boarders must spend the minimum time required in bathrooms and toilets to give other a chance to use them. They must ensure that the bathrooms and toilets after use are clean. They must also make sure that they close all the taps.
Visitors ad Visiting Hours Schedule
  1. An identity card will be issued to each hostel student and his guardian/parents no local guardian will be permitted to visit their wards without the identity card.Local guardians may be turned away if they fail to produce the identify card.
  2. Parents and local guardians may visit their wards only on 2nd and 4th Friday. Saturday and Public Holidays between 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in summer the timings will be between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  3. Visitors will meet their wards in the visiting room only they are not allowed to enter the wings.
  4. An attendant from the hostel will be on duly during visiting hours to guide visitors and parents.
  5. Outstation parents visiting their wards will have to take special permission from the hostel warden to see their wards on days other than specified for visits.
  6. In case of any emergency visits can be arranged with the concerned warden’s permission.
  7. One chowkidar will be on duty at their main gate to prohibit hostelers from leaving the school premises. He will keep a record in a register of visitors entering the school premises to see hostel students.
Procedure for Admission and Formalities

Parents seeking hostel accommodation in the school are required to submit a written application to the Principal if the principal grants admission the parents must deposit the hostel fees with the hostel account clerk after obtaining the hostel fee receipt parents are to report to the hostel superintendent for the completion of hostel admission formalities. They are to submit the requisite details indicated in the succeeding paragraph. After all the formalities have been completed the hostel warden is informed accordingly and the child is allotted a room etc. a personal file of each child is maintained by the Hostel Superintend/ warden.

Before a student joins the hostel the following documentation formalities must be completed on forms supplied by the hostel superintendent:
  1. Certificate from the local guardian permitting the child to stay with him during sickness.
  2. It is compulsory for all hotel students to obtain a health insurance cover the per forma duly completed must be handed over to the Hostel Superintendent and placed in the personal file of the student.
  3. A certificate certifying that no cash/ costly belongings are in students possession.
  4. A list of articles of clothing and other items to be deposited with the student a copy of which is to be banded over to the Superintendent / Warden.
  5. A Health Certificate regarding medical history etc. must be duly checked and signed by the school doctor parents and the hostel warden concerned.
  6. Indemnifying the school against any damage,sickness accident or death caused in the normal functioning of usual activates.
  7. An authority letter from the parent indicating two names and addresses (with their photographs and telephone numbers) who would act as the local guardian. Kindly note that only those persons will be allowed to become local guardians who are employed have own residence and live in a family environment.
  8. Parents are requirement of school uniform must be provided by the parents.
  9. Parents are required to leave a telephone number and address in Delhi for immediate contact in case of emergency.
  10. Certificate from the chief medical officers CPS Bhiwani Rohila, Hisar that he is medically fit.
  11. If a student returns after any lines he should bring a fitness certificate get it acknowledged by the school doctor and show it to the warden before he rejoins the hostel.

Sports Wear

Each student, must, maintain his individual sports kit. It will comprise the following items. Boys
Warning up shoes 1 Shoes
Shorts 6
Track Suit 1

Note:- Mediumsize suit case and one hand bag should be brought for the clothes. No large boxes will be allowed. Kindly note that T-Shirt with CPS printed on them will be supplied by the school on payment.

Switch off time

The switch off time hostel for students is 10:30 p.m. (VI to IX) 11:30 p.m. (X to XII) if they so desire.

Requirement of hostel uniform : All articles of clothing and other items belonging to the students must have their names and admission number clearly marked.
Bed Sheets 2
Pillow covers with pillow 2
Hand towels 2
Bath towels2
Bed-cover 2
Undergarments 7 Pair
Handkerchief 7
Night Suit2
Day clothes 6 Sets
Party Dresses 2
Toilets Items
Soap with soap case 1
Tooth brush and toothpaste 1
Bucket 1
Mug 1
Nail cutter 1
Comb 1
Hair oil 1
Shampoo 1
Shoe polish and brush 1
Writing material for writing letters to the parents Black leather chapels for boys
Quit for winter (Full size) 1
Mattress (Full Size) 6X31
White Kurta Pyjama for boys 4 Pairs
Winter clothes for winter 4 Pairs
Boys School uniform summer White shorts for all classes up to VII
White pants class IX upwards 2
White shirts (Half Sleeves) 2
School Socks 2
Black Shoes with laces (medium toe) 1
School belt 1
White Shoes for P.T. 1 pairs
School Uniform Winter
School jacket 2
Blazer with school badge 1
School tie 1
Jersey & Full Sleeve 1+1
Rising bell 5:00a.m.
Morning P.T. 5.30 a.m. –6.00 a.m.
Bath and Change 6.00 a.m. – 6.50 a.m.
Rest upto 4.30 p.m.
1st Prep. 4.45p.m. – 5.45 p.m.
Evening Games 5.45p.m. – 6.45 p.m.
Bath and Change 6.45 p.m. – 7.25 p.m.
(1st Prep)
Evening Prayer 7.25 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Entertainment upto9.00 p.m.
2nd Prep. 9.00p.m. – 10.30 p.m.
Light Off 10.30 p.m.
Dress Code Schedule Dress during meal
On working days on holidays
Breakfast school uniform Casual
Lunch school uniform Casual
Tea SportsKit
Dinner WhiteKurta & Pyjama (Black Leather Chappals)
  1. Violation of Rule 1 & 2 will be subjected to the punishment for suspension of one day Repeating of violation of Rule 1 &2 could be subjected to expulsion of a hosteler.
  2. Violation of Rule 3 will be punished by forfeiting the amount and valuables found in possession of a hosteler and will be handed over to their local guardian after giving them a notice for the same.
  3. Violation of Rule 4 will be punishable by suspension of a hosteler / student for two weeks time if the intention of the medicine which is found in his possession is mollified.
  4. Violation of Rule 5 will be subjected to the punishment of forfeiting to the article mentioned under Rule 5 and will be in the custody of a warden cancan.
  5. Violation of Rule 6 will b punishable by 50/- per day for using of the electrical gadgets mentioned in Rule 6.
  6. Violation of Rule 7 & 8 will be strictly observed by the warding and the act of a hosteler will be intimated to their local guardian.
  7. Violation of Rule 10 will be subjected t the punishment of Rs 50/- for a week in which they disobey rule 10.
  8. Violation of rule 11 will be punishable suspension of an hosteler for one day.
  9. Violation of rule 12 will be sole responsibility of the student on the part of being negligence and the school with not be responsible of the consequences of their negligence.
  10. Violation of rule 13 will be subjected to fore fitting of the same.
  11. Violation of rule 14 will be subjected of a fine which already exists in the rules.
  12. Violation of rule 17 will be punishable of marking for absence for the days. They secure leave without any information and in continuance of 8 days leave without information will be
  13. Violation of rule 18 will be punishable with a fine of Rs. 50/-.
  14. Violation 19 for not obeying the direction of rule 19 will be punishable with a fine of Rs.100/-
  15. Violation of rule 20 of not obeying the direction of rule 20 will bar the student from attending the hostel and school
  16. Violation of rule 21 will be subjected to the punishment of forfeiting the enable found in their possession and school will not bear any responsibility of their any illness which is caused to them on account of using the outside enables.
  17. Violation of rule 22 which exist in room schedule will be punishable by a fine to the amount equivalent to the loss occurred b virtue of negligence of a hosteler.
  18. Violation of rule 23 will be subjected to show cause and will be punishable accordingly after going through the reply to the show cause submitted by the student found of guilty of violation of rule 23.
  19. Violation of rule 24 & 25 will be punishable by rusticating / expulsion of a student from the school for a period as decided by the school authorities after observing the gravity of the com bust committed by the school.
  20. Violation of rule 26 & 27 will be punishable & by expulsion from the school will be after observing the gravity of conduct committed by the school.
  21. Violation of rule 28 will be punishable for suspension of one month.
  22. Violation of rule 29 will be subjected to punishment for a fine of Rs 200/- or a suspension from the school for month.
  23. Violation of rule 30 will be punishable by rusticating expulsion from the school as decided by the school authorities.
  24. Violation of rule 31 will be punishable for suspension of two week from the school hostel.
  25. Violation of rule 32 will be punishable by fining of the amount equivalent to the loss made by the student.
  26. Violation of rule 33 &34 will be sole responsibility of the student and no loss occurred by violating rule 33 &34 will be responsibility by the school
  27. Violation of rule 35,36,37 &38 will be punishable by expulsion from the school after seeing the gravity of the conduct committed by them.
  28. Violation of rule 39 will be subject by suspension from the school two week.
  29. Violation of rule 40 will be subjected to punishment for Rs. 100/-
  30. Violation of rule 41 will be subjected to punishment of forfeiting the article found from their possession and the student will be expelled from the school after seeing the type if article found from their possession.
  31. Violation of rule 42 will be subjected to punishment for two week from the school.
  32. Violation of rule 43 & 45 will be subjected to punishment for a fine of Rs 100/- and repetition of the same will be taken seriously and the decision of the school will be final.
  33. Violation of rule 46 will be subjected to punishment for suspension of one week from the hostel.
  34. Violation of rule 47 will be subjected of forfeiting mobile hones found in their possession and the same will be reported to his local guardian.
  35. Violation of rule 48 & 49 will be subjected to punishment of a fine of Rs. 100/-
  36. Violation of rule 50 will be student to join his hostel until he fulfills the direction of rule 50.
  37. Violation of rule 51 will be informed to their local guardian by giving them a notice and will be taken as disobedience will be punishment for suspension or any offer punishment as decided by the school authorities.
  38. Violation of rule 52 will be subjected to a fine of Rs. 100/-
  39. Violation of rule 53 will be subjected to punishment of suspension of 15 days from the school any will not allow to join the school without having written request from their local guardian.
  40. Rule 54 is the sub of the school almanac which is already in possession of all the hosteler. Non-obeying the rule 54 which is under school almanac will be punishable as prescribed in the school almanac.