Meet Our Events

Event Date Description

Book reading competition
Book reading competition 27 August 2022 To stimulate, encourage and activate reading on a continuous basis.

Candle Decoration Competition
Candle Decoration Competition 8 October 2022 To enhance creativity in students.

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration 24 December 2022 To increase the awareness in students about other religions.

Class Decoration Competition
Class Decoration Competition 22 October 2022 To improve creativity of students.

CLAY MOULDING/ VEGETABLE PAINTING 23 July 2022 To grow creativity, fine motor skills, sensory processing, and social skills of students.

Current Affairs
Current Affairs 26 November 2022 To help students in gaining more knowledge about what is happening around the world.

Drama Competition
Drama Competition 1 October 2022 To build confidence and develop language and communication skills of students.

English quiz
English quiz 20 August 2022 To encourage self awareness of progress and self assessment of students.

EVS Quiz
EVS Quiz 15 October 2022 to develop an awareness of the natural, social and cultural environment in students.

G.K. QUIZ 28 May 2022 To enhance the general knowledge of students.

GREEN DAY 30 July 2022 To create awareness about the earth and to cherish the Greenery we are blessed with.

Hindi Quiz
Hindi Quiz 3 September 2022 To enhance the knowledge of our national language.

Know Your State
Know Your State 24 September 2022 To enhance the knowledge about our state Haryana.

Know Yourself
Know Yourself 14 May 2022 Introducing Activity

MATHS QUIZ 16 May 2022 To assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students.

Mothers Day Celebration
Mothers Day Celebration 7 May 2022 To express our love and respect towards mothers.

Poetry Competition
Poetry Competition 2 July 2022 To build self confidence, develop the oratory skills and self expression.

Poster Making on Save Water
Poster Making on Save Water 19 November 2022 To develop the idea of conserving water in students.

RAKHI MAKING COMPETITION. 6 August 2022 To enhance creativity among students.

Solo Dance Competition
Solo Dance Competition 21 May 2022 To give students the chance to shine and stretch as a performer.

Story Telling Competition
Story Telling Competition 12 November 2022 To develop different learning preferences ranging from listening quietly to taking part as an actor.

Wishing you a Happy New Year
Wishing you a Happy New Year 1 January 2022 Wishing you a Happy New Year

Yellow Day
Yellow Day 5 February 2022 To make the students aware of the colour yellow, its significance and to develop the fine motor skills in the students.