Good infrastructure is basic requirement for creating an environment that fosters learning and creativity. we have carefully curated the entire journey of the Student. All the facilities and infrastructure have been created with a proper planning of how we want the children’s experience to be. Here’s what we you can expect at our campuses.

Books Instruction & Syllabus Biology Lab
We are providing education (Study) through private books as per norms of primary curriculum. In Middle/Sec./Sr. Sec., are studying according to N.C.E.R.T. pattern. We follow exam pattern as per H.B.S.E. The school Biology lab is one of the well mentioned lab with latest infrastructure and equipments with a museum containing collection of preserved plants and animals for ready references for taxonomic studies.
Computer Lab Library
Today We know without Computer knowledge, Our education system is not completed, so we provider LCD Computer. We started computer classes from 3rd onwards. It is totally free of cost with along with Internet facilities for both teachers and students where they can approach & obtain all worldly knowledge. Our digital library well equipped and provide vast range of books like national, International level of encyclopedias, Magazine, reference cum text books news papers etc. to enhance the knowledge of students.
Cafeteria Facilities Conference Hall
The school provides fresh, healthy and nutritious refreshment in hygienic surroundings. Conference Hall, a unique feature of our Campus catering to modern architectural and aesthetic designs, provides a wonderful location & environment to hold meetings and group discussions with Teachers-Students, Teacher-Principal and also the Management.
Medical Room Physic Lab
The school conducts an annual medical check-up of the students. A team comprising a child specialist, dentist, surgeon and homeopath examines the students. The school also provides first-aid facility whenever required. A wide range of physics lab equipment categorised under broad heads can be found here for conducting every type of experiments in school level. The list of physics apparatus and equipment is given as under: Ammeter Barometer Bridge Rectifiers Capacitor Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Galvanometer/ Galvanoscope Induction Coils Micrometer Micrometer Screw Microscope Multimeter Potentiometer Power Supply Resistance box Rheostat